Ecnedurp siruj

“Ecnedurp siruj” to a mirror they say –
as they make their way
white walls and long halls
where none falter or say
have no idea
why they’re here
or speak of the fear that failure may rear.

Condemnation masked by education
Information used to preach sophistication.

Humanity is second best to being well dressed
And none will confess their obsession with a profession
that is purely an impression of status.
Bring it at us!

Welcome to the world of siruj where everything is contracted
But careful consideration is always enacted.

Relations are just forced manifestations.
Kindness – a flaw to their observations.

Curved smiles,
turned eyes,
bowed heads,

All lies.

How does one defy such demented reality
when in actuality
the principality is to become this?

Should I kiss myself goodbye and sink my teeth into poisoned pie?
Or shall I resist, and persist to make this world comply with my –

No. I’ll try.

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