Forget the Facts: Advice on Contracts

Up until now you have had a peek into my head,
of the many things that law school makes me dread.
So I am gonna trying something different and feed you in a spoon,
A study guide (of sorts) to use Monday afternoon.

An agreement to buy or an agreement to rent,
all require a manifestation of mutual assent.
So whether you’re making a deal or just making a pact,
student beware of the infamous contract.

It begins with an offer and the requirements for its formation,
And make sure what you see isn’t a preliminary negotiation.
Now this may seem clear and not at all theoretical,
But wait until you’re introduced to your professor’s hypothetical.

An acceptance must only be on the offeror’s terms,
This I am sure the Restatements will confirm.
Looking at your image in a mirror in the morning,
Might help you heed this terrible warning.

And before you think this is enough information,
know there isn’t a contract without careful consideration.
If there is one thing you learn from this expensive education,
is that promises inducing detriment is what really runs this nation.

Now I offer this advice in return for your performance,
(Not to do something crazy or to act with conformance)
Don’t freak out, just relax and you’ll do well,
You have on your side the wisdom of Professor Kwestel.

Remember your defenses (especially the Statute of Frauds)
and be sure that your answers are not super broad.
Take all this advice and an A student you shall be,

for the love of God
don’t forget the UCC.

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