Tort Insanity Poem

So I begin my days with studying,
The subject of torts the only thing
I am allowed to read and see
know and completely be.

So I sit comprehending the essence
of the riveting subject of negligence
I break down facts into elements
identifying plaintiffs & defendants.

Will this be to my professor’s satisfaction?
Can A be liable in B’s negligence action?
Does duty exist and was there a breach,
In a locality standard may a doctor use a leech?

Did A cause B’s life changing injury?
Was the cause actual or proximately?
Is it for the court or for the jury?
Are they liable both jointly and severally?

Is my conclusion correct or did I forget?
Were all the elements sufficiently met?
Did I make a mistake in understanding the meaning
of what is superseding or simply intervening?

And before the test begins the questions arise,
Did I do everything I needed before sunrise?
Are my outlines done? Did I save it on disk?
Can I sue my law school even though I assumed the risk?

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