3 Promises…

There are three promises I made to myself:

  • 1. Do not let fear obstruct your experiences,
  • 2. Write and write often, and
  • 3. Approach 1. and 2. with love and honesty.

So, in the spirit of above, let me be candid: my life decisions (money, education, love, etc.) in the past couple of years, in some way or another, have all been driven by fear: fear of failure, being alone, etc.  I do not regret those decisions or the wonderful experiences that have resulted – but it does dilute the journey.

So I started playing the opposite game.

Now, anytime I am scared to do something I really want – I actively push myself to do it anyway.  The results have been pretty spectacular (see Yes Man). The people, places, things I learned…but that’s for another blog.

My focus here is one particular facet of my larger philosophy shift: to travel alone.

I know, I know. Traveling solo may not seem crazy to many. But relativity is a funny thing – and this is a significant step towards waking up a part of me that has been sleeping for a long time.

I have decided to focus on three Thailand Adventures:

Thank you to all the beautiful people that helped me map out my trip.  It has been such a pleasure to meet so many different people who were willing to help out a complete stranger.

I leave November 16.  Stay tuned.

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