Cooking Basics: Rice

Food. - by Sigalle Barness

Rice is awesome.  It’s cheap, simple and versatile.  Once you understand how to make rice, a whole world of dishes open up to you. So let’s get started.

Although there are more than 40,000 varieties of cultivated rice in existence (SeeRice Association), for our purposes I am going to break it down to the 3 different kinds that I generally cook with below.  Although totally optional, some rinse or soak rice in a strainer before cooking.  All recipes below serve 1-3 people.

White Rice

  • Taste: Clean tasting, fluffy and tender consistency.
  • Nutrition: Very little to no nutritional value, some fiber.
  • Tip: Shorter cooking time, longer shelf life.
  • Cooking Time (based on 1 cup of rice): 15 – 18 minutes

Brown Rice:

  • Taste: Nutty flavor, slightly chewy and earthy consistency.
  • Nutrition: Fiber and usually contains vitamin E and nutrients like magnesium, manganese and…

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