Female Freedom … Has an Expiration Date?

I recently came across this New York Times “Op-Doc” by a woman who investigates what it means to be 35 and single.  You can watch it below:

The video poses some insightful questions and provides an interesting commentary.

Specifically, she illuminates the various perspectives of friends, family and society as she ages.  She is refreshingly raw and open with how these various events and perspectives impact  her feelings as she continues a life she loves while finding love.

Perhaps most interesting is her revelation that “in your 20’s you are free to do whatever you want…just like men. But female freedom has an expiration date. When you turn 30 a conservative curtain falls.  At every social gathering you are confronted with one silent question: ‘When will you settle down?’ “

It’s quite an insightful observation and one that she answers with “whether with someone or alone, in those glimpses when you love and accept yourself totally, the world around you changes. In the end, happiness is a choice. Isn’t it?”

It is indeed.

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