Siggy’s Travel Game

There’s no “right” way to travel.  Anyone who says differently has greatly misinterpreted travel’s true meaning.

However, one can suggest, recommend, or (as here) create a game that can make even the loneliest business traveler find amusement while waiting  at the luggage carousel.

Welcome to Siggy’s Travel Game

I started this game when I was 8. It has, of course, evolved over time. It’s “scavengerhuntesque” in nature.  The rules are simple: Try to fulfill as many of the prompts throughout your trip as possible. Then, make a few of your own and pass them on.

The purpose here is to create opportunities to learn about a new place in a way you wouldn’t have otherwise anticipated or rediscover a known place in a different way.

  1. Eat. Eat one thing you have never eaten before.
  2. The Market. Visit the local farmer’s market/supermarket/bodega.
    • I am a firm believer that you don’t fully experience a place until you visit a local market, hear the announcements and/or music, observe other shoppers, browse the aisles and go through check-out.
  3. Compliment Someone. On their hair, shoes, voice, recommendations – whatever. Find a way. Then do it. 🙂
  4. TV. Watch a few minutes of TV on a local channel (pay attention to the local commercials, news, etc.)
  5. Toy Store. Go to a toy store, play with the toys and then buy a toy (I had to keep one from the game’s inception!).
  6. Directions. Ask for directions from a stranger – even if you don’t need them.
  7. Explore on Foot. Take a walk, jog, or run alone around the area at dusk.
  8. Talk to Your Driver. If you are taking a taxi, bus, tuk-tuk – anything with a driver – strike up a conversation. Ask them for their recommendations in the area, about their life, etc.
  9. Do 1 Charitable Action. Give money to someone asking on the street, volunteer in a shelter, help someone in need with their bags, buy someone coffee or pay for someone’s toll behind you in line, etc.
  10. Do 1 Thing Outside Your Comfort Zone.  Introduce yourself to someone you find attractive, eat at a fancy restaurant alone, get a fish pedicure, dance in a bar, sing at an open mic.  Whatever it is – you are most likely in a place where no one knows you. So take chances!
  11. Go With the Flow. Change your plans to join a stranger on their journey for awhile, put down the plans and just wander and explore.

What would you add?

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