There’s No Place Like (Our New) Home: Lawline’s New Space

Recently, went through an extreme makeover-like renovation to our home at 61 Broadway in NYC’s financial district.

With that new space has come room for a brand new state-of-the-art studio, higher quality programming, greater collaboration and the space to keep up with our rapid growth.  This new space is truly a reflection of Lawline’s mission to continue to bring the best content and legal intelligence to the legal community.

Come take a tour with our CEO and join in our excitement!

Author: Sigalle Barness

Sigalle Barness is the Chief Operating Officer of Lawline, the nation's leading online provider of Continuing Legal Education. Sigalle provides leadership and vision to ensure Lawline has the proper processes and people in place to effectively grow the organization while ensuring financial strength, stability, and profitability. Sigalle approaches her work with respect, candor, and a balance of decisiveness and flexibility as she furthers the objectives of the company. Sigalle's favorite things in the whole world are her husband and two children. Sigalle also loves good food and travel. She is an avid lover of music, video games, blogging, and cooking.

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