Video Marketing Cheat Sheet (Part 3): Who Makes the Product?

One of the things I have enjoyed doing a lot of in the past few years is playing around with video to help market a product, event, idea, etc.  Although by no means an expert, I have created a 3-part series (using videos I produced) to illustrate how to use video to market various aspects of your product by showcasing three approachable concepts to test the waters in video marketing.

Part 2: Who Makes the Product? 

This your time to discuss who your company is, your company’s mission and why it is important to the clients you serve.  This can be done through a variety of factors, but most specifically, showcasing core values of the company and being clear about your goals is very helpful in creating a true connection between you and your clientele.

A special thanks to Micah Bochart (Lawline Video Producer) for his filming and editing magic and Sal Forte (Artist) for his wonderful artwork. 

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