Path of the Gods

With all the amazing food we have been eating in Italy, it was essential to hike the Path of the Gods (Sentiero degli Dei), a challenging but rewarding trek through Italy’s Amalfi coast. We needed to burn off some of the meals, after all. 

Although almost every online guide will tell you to start in Bomerano and end in Nocelle for an easier hike, our accommodations at Giardini Dei Sensi lay at the bottom of the 1700 steps to Nocelle. So the harder path we took. Although extremely beautiful, I will agree with guides – do Bomerano first – starting a 4 hour hike this way was no joke!

1700 steps straight uphill aside, this was a spectacular hike through small villages perched atop the mountains with killer views of the coast below. Here are a few pics to get a glimpse of this amazing place. As always, the camera only captures a small part of this truly gorgeous landscape!

Sigalle Barness Hikes Path of the GodsSigalle Barness befriends dog in Nocelle Italy

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