When you look back, what kind of person will you say you were during COVID-19?

When you look back on the COVID-19 pandemic, what kind of person will you say you were?

Chief Operating Mommy

Like many people around the country and world, my family completed our first two weeks of full time working and parenting at the same time. Slumping on the couch with exhaustion, my husband and me (mostly me) discussed feeling overwhelmed as to how this new normal will be feasible long term. We discussed the things that worked and didn’t work and formulated a plan to help approach the next few weeks and months to come.

Although our plans are still in beta testing, there was one thing we agreed on right away: We got this. Since then, I have kept those three words on repeat in my head. Those three words shifted my approach to the world around me. I’m still anxious, sad, and scared. But I am resolved to approach this whole COVID-19 pandemic with the fierce determination that will make future me proud of who I was during…

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